BioMar SAS

BioMar France was established under the name Aqualim S.A. in 1973 and it has since the foundation been one of the pioneers in the development of high quality fish feed for the aquaculture.

In 1994 Aqualim S.A. merged with Norwegian fish feed producer BioMar AS and the Danish fish feed producer Dansk Ørredfoder A/S under the name BioMar.

BioMar France offers a wide range of high performance fish feeds to more than 25 different species including among others trout, sturgeon, turbot, sea bass, sea bream, and cobia. We service customers in France, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland as well as customers based in North Africa, Middleeast, and Asia.

BioMar SAS
60, Rue Pierre-Georges Debouchaud
Zone Industrielle
16440 Nersac

Tel.: +33 5 45 90 35 00
Fax.: +33 5 45 90 35 29



Factory in Nersac