BioMar History

BioMar was established in Denmark in1962 by a group of Danish fish farmers under the name Dansk Ørredfoder A/S. In 1988 BioMar was taken over by the crops and animal feed company Aktieselskabet Korn- og Foderstof Kompagniet (KFK) - a subsidary to the Norwegian group Norsk Hydro - and thereby the international expansion of the company was started.

In the early 1990’ies Dansk Ørredfoder A/S took over fish feed producers Aqualim S.A. in France and BioMar AS in Norway, and the three companies merged in 1994 under the name BioMar A/S.

BioMar truck

The expansion continued with the establishment of a factory at Grangemouth in Scotland in 1995, and at the acquisition of 50% of two fish feed factories in Chile in 2000. In 2001 BioMar established production in Greece, and in 2002 BioMar took over the remaining 50% of the two factories in Chile.

In 2005 the Danish industrial holding company Schouw & Co. took over 68.82 % of the shares in BioMar - this was followed up in the spring of 2008 when Schouw & Co. bought the remaining shares in the BioMar Group.  

The largest single step in this growth process was the acquisition of the fish feed activities of Provimi Aqua, the world’s fourth largest supplier of high quality fish feed, at the beginning of 2008. With this acquisition BioMar today holds a position as one of the leading suppliers of fish feed in the world.

Establishment of factory in Costa Rica dedicated to feed for tilapia and other warm water fish species in 2012.

BioMar starts construction of Joint-Venture feed factory in Turkey in 2015.

BioMar is 100 % dedicated to the development and production of high quality feed for aquaculture, and with modern factories in some of the most important fish farming nations including Norway, Chile, Greece, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Denmark and Costa Rica, BioMar has a solid platform for continued global growth.

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