BioMar Market Areas

Feed for salmon, trout, or sea bass? The BioMar Group is divided in three regions according to the specific needs of the aquaculture industry in each geographical area.

Salmon and sea bream

BioMar North Sea covers the market areas along the coasts of the Northern Atlantic and the North Sea and is focused on the development and production of high performance feed for Atlantic salmon and trout, but is also a pioneer in the development of feed to new species in North Atlantic aquaculture such as cod and halibut.

BioMar Americas covers markets on the American Continent and in the Pacific region. BioMar Americas delivers high performance feed for Atlantic salmon, coho, trout and warm water species like shrimp and tilapia. 

BioMar Continental Europe is market leader in fish feed on the European Continent. The product range is adopted according to the various local needs in this diverse area and covers species such as trout, eel, sturgeon, turbot, arctic char, meagre and Mediterranean species such as sea bass and sea bream.