BioMar North Sea includes two factories in Norway and one factory in the United Kingdom. The head office is located at the Myre plant in Northern Norway, while R&D, marketing, and sales are located in Trondheim as well as number of sales offices along the Norwegian coast. For the UK market the head office is at the Grangemouth plant in Scotland.


Karmøy, Norway 

The Karmøy factory is located in the Western part of Norway near Haugesund. Together with the factory in Myre, the factory at Karmøy supplies a number of different product ranges to salmon and trout, and to species in fish farming such as cod and halibut.

Factory in Norway (Karmøy)


Myre, Norway 

The factory in Myre in the Lofoten Islands opened in 1987 and was the first BioMar factory in Norway, and with its production capacity of 100.000 tons it can accommodate for the growing demand from the Norwegian fish farming industry.

Factory in Norway (Myre)


Grangemouth, Scotland 

The factory in Grangemouth primarily serves salmon farmers in the United Kingdom, but it is also renowned for a number of special high quality products with high added value to both customers and consumers such as certified feed for organic fish farming.

Factory in the UK