Aquaculture Europe is where people meet!

About 1500 attendees signed in for the recent Aquaculture Europe 2015 that took place in Rotterdam. BioMar was the Gold Sponsor of this annual event that offers an excellent opportunity for sharing knowledge across nations.

Aquaculture Europe is the annual conference and trade show organized by the European Aquaculture Society. This year attendees came to Rotterdam 20th to 23rd of October from as many as 60 countries to get informed about and to share the most recent knowledge acquired by scientists and researchers to benefit the future of the aquaculture industry.

Ole Christensen, Vice President of BioMar Continental Europe, is convinced that the Aquaculture Europe conference is an excellent opportunity to present the broad range innovative initiatives taken by scientists and researchers. - At occasions of this kind young scientists have a chance to meet with companies from the aquaculture industry, and vice versa. BioMar is in continuous search for candidates for our global R&D organization that is a fundamental element in BioMar's continued expansion process. The future of aquaculture depends on innovativeness. That is why BioMar choses to support events like Aquaculture Europe, Ole Christensen said.

During this conference, BioMar contributed with oral and poster presentations and by co-chairing the "Nutrition requirements" session. Furthermore, BioMar sponsored the RAS workshop, which took place on Thursday 22nd October. The RAS Workshop covered a wide range of topics of interest to RAS farming in Europe.

BioMar Global R&D presented topics like "Feeding an exercising fish", illustrating among other things that a fish that is exercising has special nutritional requirements. Other topics were about how to prevent health issues in fish farming (salmon and trout), for instance by presenting a strategic combination of additives utilized in BioMar feeds that significantly reduces the infestation rate with sea lice in Atlantic salmon. Moreover, BioMar R&D team members formed part of presentations related to the nutritional requirements of sea bass and sea bream, and on selective breeding for sufficient and sustainable aquaculture. Just to mention some.

BioMar was the Gold Sponsor of Aquaculture Europe 2015 that gathered about 1500 attendees from as many as 60 countries.