BioMar appoints Business Development Director for Asia

Scott Robertson (40) has joined BioMar as Business Development Director for Asia. Scott has extensive experience of living and working in Asia and he as a solid background from 15 years in the aquaculture industry.

“BioMar is intensifying its efforts to identify profitable business opportunities in Asia and other growth markets and is currently expanding its product portfolio to include feed for more warm water fish species”, says Executive Vice President of the BioMar Group Niels Alsted, who conveys that BioMar will open its first factory dedicated to tilapia and other warm water species in Costa Rica in July. Niels Alsted expects more factories to follow in the coming years, and a natural focus of this process will of course be the large aquaculture producing nations in Asia.

Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in export studies & languages from Napier University in Edinburgh and an International Executive MBA from IE Business School in Spain. He has previously held positions in Europe and Asia at Marine Harvest and Cargill Animal Nutrition.

For the moment Scott will be based in Japan, where he has lived since 2003, but he is expected to travel extensively throughout the region.

Scott Robertson can be reached at