BioMar inaugurates Mediterranean trial farm

The new trial farm in Greece focuses on experiments with feed and feeding strategies for Mediterranean fish species. The trial farm is the first of its kind in the area and it is the fruit of a collaboration between BioMar and the Greek fish farming company Dias Aquaculture.

The primary objective of the trial farm is to make it possible more precisely to establish the feed conversion ratio for Mediterranean fish species grown in net cages and thereby evaluate the economical feed performance.

Niels Alsted, Executive Vice President of BioMar, has been one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the new trial farm and he explained at the inauguration that the need for this farm has become more and more evident in the last years. Low fish prices and high raw material prices increase the need for precise documentation of the total economic performance of different feed types. Only with this documentation it is possible to make the right choices both in the development of new feed types and in the selection and use of the feed at farm level.

The design and the location of the new trial farm has been done in order to get as close as possible to real farming conditions, while at the same time still being able to measure precisely the different production parameters in order to have reliable results. The new trial farm is located off the island of Platia south of Corinth in Greece. This area is characterised by water conditions such as temperature, current, and oxygen level, which are in the average of what is experienced by most Mediterranean fish farmers.

Sea Bream

The results from the trial farm will allow BioMar to develop even more cost efficient diets and to document the total economic performance of different feed types in conditions similar to those farmers experience. At the same the trial farm will give the possibility to test the efficiency of different feeding strategies.

The trial farm is a joint initiative of BioMar and Dias Aquaculture S.A. one of the leading Greek fish farmers.