BioMar partner in large EU research project

The EU project ARRAINA (Advanced Research Initiatives for Nutrition & Aquaculture) was officially launched during a meeting in Paris in February with BioMar as fish feed partner.

ARRAINA will focus on paving the way to the development of more efficient and tailored sustainable feeds for European aquaculture. The budget for the research project is 8 million euro, of which the 5-year project will receive a European Commission contribution of 6 million euro under the FP7 Specific Programme.

The project is coordinated by the Bordeaux-Aquitaine unit of INRA and it involves 21 European partners. This includes 10 research institutes, 8 smaller-sized companies, a knowledge-sharing specialist company, and as the only fish feed producer the BioMar Group.

ARRAINA aims to define and provide complete data on the quantitative nutrient requirements of the five major fish species and develop sustainable alternative aquaculture feeds tailored to the requirements of these species with reduced levels of fish meal and fish oil. By developing innovative vectors to deliver specific nutrients, ARRAINA will increase significantly the performance at all physiological stages thus improving overall efficiency of fish production.