BioMar receives sustainability certification from DNV

BioMar Norway is the first company in the aquaculture industry to be certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) under the new standard for sustainability ProSustain.

Jan Sverre Røsstad, Vice-President for BioMar North Sea, explains that BioMar has chosen to follow internationally recognised and certified methods to analyse, measure and improve the sustainability of BioMar's business and products. He sees the new ProSustain certification as both a recognition of the work already done by BioMar and as a commitment for BioMar to a continued effort to improve sustainability in aquaculture. These efforts are in particular - but not exclusively - related to the activities in BioMar’s BioSustain development program.

The BioSustain development program is built around three active control and optimisation levels, which BioMar has placed on top of the official regulatory requirements:

  • Implementation of certified management systems and improvement programs including, for example, ISO certifications.
  • Use of sustainable raw materials purchased from suppliers, who follow the relevant standards and guidelines for sustainable primary production
  • Optimisation based on sustainability, including use of tools and methods for measuring sustainability throughout the value chain, including the manufacture of fish feed, raw material sourcing, farming methods, processing methods, and the transport of fish to the market.

Internationally recognised standards

The ProSustain standard is harmonised with a number of internationally recognised standards on traceability, environmental, social and economic conditions.

The certification of BioMar has been a pilot project for DNV within the aquaculture industry, and BioMar has contributed in developing the ProSustain standard by instilling industry-specific inputs from the BioSustain program.

The ProSustain standard has been developed by DNV Business Assurance in collaboration with a number of leading international industrial companies and organizations. It is the first global standard that makes it possible to perform a comprehensive assessment of the sustainability of products. The evaluation covers all the processes to ensure sustainability in design, development, production, and delivery of products.

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