Focus on Asia’s shrimp aquaculture

Key players in the shrimp aquaculture sector will gather at TARS 2016. This opinion-leading aquaculture event in Asia is again sponsored by BioMar.

The sixth Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS) takes place 17th to 18th August in Phuket, Thailand. Under the headline "Shrimp Aquaculture & The New Normal" TARS 2016 is a platform for discussing the future development of shrimp farming in Asia.

- BioMar has been a sponsor of TARS since 2013, says Henrik Aarestrup, Vice President of BioMar's Emerging Markets Division. - We consider this conference to be of great importance. TARS gathers Asia's key players in the shrimp aquaculture sector and this is where networking and open dialogue takes place between CEOs, geneticists, farm and hatchery managers, integrators, technologists, investors, marketers, as well as governments, NGOs and academia.

TARS 2016 will focus on new approaches in Asia's shrimp farming sector through presentations and discussions on management tools, production techniques, updates on research and development and innovative business models.

BioMar contributes with a presentation that gives insights in shrimp farming experiences in another part of the world. BioMar product developer Camilo Pohlenz will inform about the shrimp farming sector of Latin America that is concerned about survival and growth rates but also about sustainability and environmental issues. For this, the demand for the development of extruded shrimp feed types is growing. Camilo Pohlenz' presentation "Sustainable shrimp farming in Latin America with performance feeds" will explain how we as a feed producer meet these demands.

Camilo Pohlenz at TARS 2014

BioMar product developer Camilo Pohlenz, to the right, at the TARS 2014 conference in Phuket, Thailand.