New bulk delivery boat named

BioMar is fully engaged in modernising our fleet of freighters. The first vessel to be upgraded is M/S VÅGSUND.

This vessel has just arrived to Norway from Poland following a comprehensive rebuilding programme costing NOK 70 million. M/S VÅGSUND is owned by the BioFeeder company in Torangsvåg. BioMar has concluded a long-term charter with the ship owner for the transport of fish feed.

M/S VÅGSUND has been rebuilt from a bulk freighter for raw materials and is now fully equipped for transport and delivery of fish feed in bulk. The ship can supply 200 tonnes per hour into a silo and has a total capacity of 1 400 tonnes. M/S VÅGSUND has a length of 73 metres and a crew of seven.

All solutions on the ship are distinguished by a combination of efficiency and quality with special emphasis on careful handling of the fish feed.

After the commissioning, the ship will have its main base at the BioMar factory at Karmøy from where it will deliver fish feed to the Norwegian aquaculture industry.

Several new ships will join the BioMar fleet in the coming years. Two new environmentally friendly gas-powered vessels are under construction for delivery in 2012.