New delivery boats reduce emissions and cut costs

BioMar has started a renewal of its fleet of boats delivering feed from the Norwegian BioMar factories at Karmøy and Myre to the customers. As part of the renewal there will be a change from diesel to gas (LNG) propulsed engines. This has both environmental and economical advantages.

The switch to gas propulsion will make the transport of fish feed more environmentally friendly and at the same time it is expected to lead to a reduction in the fuel costs. The new delivery boats will also improve logistical efficiency through their capability for full bulk handling and their far greater load and offload capacity.

Improved sustainability

The gas propulsed delivery boats are good news for the environment and fit well with BioMar’s other sustainability initiatives. LNG propulsed engines have a much lower emission of NOx. In comparison with traditional diesel engines the emissions are reduced by at least 90 %. The same goes for the emissions of soot and sulphur, while CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 25 %. The new delivery boats have been designed in a close collaboration between BioMar and Nordnorsk Skipskonsult (NSK).

BioMar first with the new technology

BioMar is at forefront with the change to gas propulsed engines in feed delivery boats. The first gas propulsed boat will enter service already in 2012. The first boat has been contracted by NSK Shipping AS, whom also earlier has had boats on fixed charter to BioMar.

New delivery ship