BioMar's development programme BioSustain aims at a more sustainable
utilisation of the raw material resources used for fish feed.

Our first objective is to utilise the limited marine resources in a more responsible
manner. This may be attained by making use of vegetable raw materials to a greater
extent, without compromising the performance potential in the feed. BioMar company policy is also only to utilise marine raw materials obtained from sustainable resources.

The BioSustain development programme is a long term project depending on an elaborate research programme including performance trials with a large number of different raw materials and combinations of these.

The BioSustain development programme does not entail the implementation of new raw materials or raw material levels that will affect the growth and the feed factor. We carefully test all raw materials before they are introduced in the feed, and only those raw materials, which allows us to keep our high performance levels are utilised.

Our next objective is to be able to evaluate all raw materials utilised for fish feed including also vegetable raw materials.

By introducing BioSustain BioMar contributes to a creating a platform for continued growth for the global aquaculture sector.

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