BioMar hosts Patagonic RAS conference

The first large international conference on Recirculation Aquaculture Systems in the Southern hemisphere was hosted by BioMar in Puerto Varas, Chile on the 17th March.

The focus of the conference this year was how to optimize the production in RAS seen in the light of the need for achieving larger and stronger smolt before transfer to sea.

- The trend to produce still larger smolt in recirculation aquaculture system is gaining momentum in all the important salmon producing nations. In Chile we do have facilities which can theoretically cope with an increased biomass without requiring mayor investments. However, in order to successfully increasing the biomass it requires an even stronger focus on the continuous optimization of the systems as well as the use of specialized diets optimized for recirculation systems as the increased biomass will take the filter capacity in existing facilities to their operating limit, explained Martin León, Vice President of BioMar Americas.

The conference gathered speakers from the United States, Norway, Denmark, and Chile and was attended by close to 150 delegates. The Patagonic RAS mirrors in many aspects the NordicRAS conference which is organized every second year in the Nordic countries. The target is to establish Patagonic RAS as the leading event for recirculation experts in the Southern Hemisphere.

Martín León, Vice President of BioMar Americas, during Patagonic RAS