BioMar Corporate Press Releases

Below you can download the latest press releases from the BioMar Group as well as stock exchange announcements related to the BioMar Group from the owner of the BioMar Group, Schouw & Co,


Start-up of BioMar feed research activities at ATC Patagonia

BioMar Group has set a comprehensive agenda for its research activities in the Chilean aquaculture research centre ATC Patagonia. Focus is set on innovative R&D projects of interest for the global aquaculture industry in regards to fish nutrition and health.

New CFO in BioMar Group

Mogens Stentebjerg, CFO in BioMar Group, will retire after more than 30 years in the company. Group Finance Manager Claus Eskildsen has been appointed new CFO and will assume his new role January 1st 2017.

BioMar’s Joint Venture in China has aquired fish feed company Haiwei

BioMar Group's Joint Venture in China, BioMar-Tongwei Biotech (Wuxi) Ltd has acquired 100 % of the shares in the fish feed company Haiwei, which is situated in the South of China.

A strong research initiative in aquaculture has been established in the Southern Hemisphere

BioMar, the leading Danish aquaculture feed company has signed an agreement to purchase and utilize 30% of the Lenca research center from Aquainnovo, Chile, broadening its network of excellence research centers around the world.

Small revolution for marine fry and fingerlings

BioMar launches a new generation of starter and transfer diets for marine species containing B‑WYSE, promising new yeast based functional ingredient, developed by BioMar's cooperation partner Lallemand Animal Nutrition. The aim of the new feed range is to boost the performance parameters and keep the health status of the fish at the highest standard, even after the difficult period of transfer...

Sustainable aquaculture growth lies in new feed ingredients

For BioMar, sustainable growth of aquaculture lies in utilising new feed ingredients that match requirements for a good and healthy growth of the fish and for a stable, high quality of the final product. Exploiting microalgae as a feed ingredient can match these requirements.

BioMar-Sagun feed factory officially opened in Turkey

The Joint Venture between the Danish feed company BioMar and Turkish seafood company Sagun officialy opened a state-of-the-art fish feed factory in Turkey on Thursday 25th August 2016.

BioMar takes a value chain approach to sustainability

The Sustainability Report 2015 of the BioMar Group outlines the company's ambitious targets and initiatives for shaping an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture in collaboration with the entire aquaculture value chain.

BioMar presents new executive structure

The BioMar Group presents a new executive team in continuation of the launch of their new corporate strategy "Shaping the Future".

BioMar launches global strategy

The BioMar Group launched on June 1st a new global strategy "Shaping the Future". The strategy will reinforce BioMar's position as a locally responsive, agile, and specialized aquaculture feed provider.

Securing the sustainable development of aquaculture by increasing the availability of marine omega-3

It was recently announced that a whole algae ingredient with an extra high marine omega-3 content was being tested for use in fish feed. This algae ingredient secures greater access for aquaculture to essential marine omega-3 fatty acids. The BioMar Group is now launching a fish feed containing marine fatty acids from microalgae

BioMar’s new eco-friendly feed carrier

As part of the process of renewing its fish feed transportation fleet, BioMar, working in collaboration with NSK Shipping, has ordered yet another newbuilding. The ship will be owned and operated by NSK Shipping, which already owns the MS Høydal and MS Nyksund, both of which form part of BioMar's fleet.

The BioMar Group appoints Niels Alsted as Vice President Asia

Following the announcement of the signature of a Joint-Venture agreement between the BioMar Group and Chinese Tongwei, the BioMar Group has today announced that Niels Alsted will become the first Vice President for BioMar's new Asian market region.

BioMar and Tongwei confirm final Joint Venture agreement

The BioMar Group and the Chinese Tongwei Co. have on the 18th of August signed the final Joint-Venture agreement for the establishment a joint fish feed company in China. The new company will supply high performance feed to the growing production of high value fish species in China.

New appointments and rotation in BioMar Management teams

In an internal rotation the BioMar Group has appointed the R&D Director for BioMar Norway Håvard Jørgensen as new Global R&D Director, while Patrick Campbell takes over as Managing Director of BioMar UK replacing Guy Mace, who retires. At the same time Roger Hendry will join BioMar as Global Technical Director. 

BioMar chooses Karmøy for a new high-efficiency production line

The new production line in Norway will boost capacity by at least 140,000 tonnes/year. Having considered a number of very attractive location options for the capacity expansion in Southern and Central Norway, the winning candidate was the company's existing plant at Karmøy. The new production line will come on stream in Q2 2017, making the factory one of the biggest and most efficient fish feed...

BioMar joins forces with Tongwei in China and South East Asia

The BioMar Group has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Tongwei Co. Ltd to establish a Joint Venture dedicated to producing and selling high performance feed for aquaculture in China. The target of the Joint Venture is to become one of the leading suppliers of high performance feed to the Chinese aquaculture sector and in a second step to expand further to other Asian...

BioMar launches new ORBIT diets to salmon smolt farmed in recirculation systems

A new generation of BioMar's ORBIT feed concept targeting the specific challenges of the production of salmon smolt in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems will become available from the beginning of April. With the rapid expansion of recirculation systems used for smolt production and even in some cases for on-growing of salmon BioMar has decided to apply the successful ORBIT concept to salmon fe...

New executive structure in BioMar Group

As announced in September Carlos Diaz formally took over the position as CEO in the BioMar Group on November 14th. He used the occasion to announce a new executive structure, which will enable BioMar to strengthen further its value proposition to customers globally.

Change of Group CEO in BioMar

Torben Svejgard, who has been Group CEO in BioMar since 2008, has resigned from his position in order to focus on a career as a full-time board member. The BioMar board has appointed VP Carlos Diaz as new Group CEO, and he will take over the seat from Torben Svejgard sometime towards the end of the year. Carlos Diaz

BioMar and Sagun sign final agreement

At a small ceremony in Aarhus, Denmark, the final agreement for the establishment of a Joint-Venture feed company and a feed plant in Turkey was signed by BioMar CEO Mr. Torben Svejgaard and the owner of the Sagun Group Mr. Ahmet Sagun.

BioMar to make major investment in Norway

The Danish company BioMar has resolved to invest more than EUR 50 million in a new production line that will expand the company's capacity in Norway by 30%. The move consolidates BioMar's prominent position in what is the world's most advanced fish farming country.

New joint Turkish feed company will focus on feed efficiency, technical service, and sustainability

The BioMar Group, a leading international fish feed specialist, and the Sagun Group, one of the leading Turkish companies within aquaculture, fish processing and trading, announced at the Seafood Show in Brussels the formation of a Joint-Venture fish feed company in Turkey, which also includes the construction of a  fish feed factory in Turkey.

BioMar plant first to comply with new ASC-standard

The BioMar factory in Brande, Denmark, which among other products produces fry feed for all of BioMar's markets in Europe, has as the first feed plant in the world, been audited and found to comply with the new ASC-standard for salmon and trout.

BioMar and Lallemand Animal Nutrition extend their collaboration

The fish feed supplier, BioMar, and the feed additives and specialty functional feed ingredients manufacturer, Lallemand SAS, have signed a formal research, development and commercial collaboration agreement aimed at expanding the knowledge and use of probiotics in fish feeding.

BioMar appoints new Managing Director in Chile

Martín León Castro has with effect from the middle of May 2013 been appointed Managing Director in BioMar Chile.

BioMar invests in new large Feed Trial Unit in Chile

The BioMar Group announced today the construction of a new facility for Research and Development. It will be located together with one of BioMar's three Chilean factories in Pargua outside Puerto Montt.

BioMar ready with feed to combat deformities in fish larvae and fry

BioMar announces the eminent launch of the first feed range with a probiotic bacteria approved for use in all fish species in the European Union. The most significant benefit of the new LARVIVA products with probiotics will be a reduction in the occurrence of deformities in fish larvae and fry.

Good news for Mediterranean hatcheries

The problem of deformities in Sea Bass and Sea Bream can soon have a solution. The fish feed manufacturer BioMar and the producer of yeast and bacteria for feed applications Lallemand Animal Nutrition presented at the AQUA 2012 Conference in Prague the results of a long research collaboration aimed at reducing the incidence and levels of deformities in sea bass and sea bream larvae.

The new BioMar fish feed factory in Costa Rica is getting ready

The construction of the new feed plant in Costa Rica is going ahead according to schedule and it is expected to enter service in May 2012. Together with the plant BioMar will open a completely new research and trial facility for the development of tilapia diets.

Groundbreaking new fish feed carrier nearing completion at the Thersan Shipyard in Istanbul

The Norwegian fish farming industry is growing and in 2011 output reached approximately one million tonnes of fish, largely salmon and trout. BioMar supplies this industry with feed and in 2011 the company had a market share of 25% of the overall fish feed market of 1.5 million tonnes. BioMar's goal is to be in the vanguard of sustainable development within Norwegian aquaculture and to this end...

BioMar doubles feed production capacity at the Norwegian Myre factory

- This is the best fish feed factory in the world! Production Manager Ivar Ulriksen is in no doubt when he sits in front of the control panel at the Myre factory. BioMar has adopted the very latest and the most advanced extrusion technology, and with the commissioning of the new production line - M225 - and a comprehensive upgrade of the line 1 - the total production capacity of Myre is up to...

BioMar and ACI to establish joint venture feed factory in Costa Rica

The BioMar Group and one of the world leaders in tilapia production, Aquacorporacion Internacional SA (ACI), announced Tuesday the establishment of a new joint venture factory for the production of tilapia feed in Costa Rica.

PD PRIMO - BioMar Strategy against PD

Recently BioMar identified enzymes present in salmon blood that can be used as biomarkers of the severity of skeletal muscle damage caused by PD. These enzymes leak into the blood system when tissues are damaged and are routinely analysed for in human and veterinary medicine to indicate specific organ / tissue malfunction.

Felipe Ureta joins BioMar Top Management Group

In the autumn 2009 Felipe Ureta was promoted to head the Americas Region of BioMar after Carlos Diaz, who was appointed VP Continental Europe.

BioMar consolidates organisation in the Western Mediterranean

The BioMar Group has integrated the management of its two factories in Spain and France in a move to increase competiveness and simplify the organisation.

BioMar extends cooperation with Marine Harvest

The world’s largest fish farming company, Marine Harvest, has extended their cooperation with BioMar and entered into a contract for the delivery of fish feed over several years.

LARVIVA production moves closer to Mediterranean hatcheries

The production of BioMar’s successful hatchery feed range LARVIVA has moved from Denmark to the BioMar factory in Nersac, France. The move is intended to benefit hatcheries in the Mediterranean area by offering improved logistic services but also a closer dialogue between customers and BioMar product development.  

BioMar ready to launch first feed with a probiotic approved for use in fish farming

A long term Research & Development project, initiated through the OFIMER program and gathering fish feed producer BioMar, French research institutes IFREMER and INRA, and the industrial company Lallemand, has resulted in the first EU-approval of the use of probiotics for salmonids. This has allowed BioMar to develop an innovative dietary probiotic concept and will result in the introduction of...

New cooperation model improves efficiency in Greek aquaculture

Two of the largest companies in the aquaculture sector in Greece have announced the achievement of an important cooperation agreement regarding the supply of fish feed. Athens Stock Exchange listed Dias Aquaculture S.A and the Greek subsidiary of the international fish feed group BioMar, develop their cooperation aiming at the strengthening of their positions in the markets of Greece and the...

Organisational changes in BioMar top management

Carlos Diaz, current Vice President for BioMar Americas will from January 1st  2010 become the new Vice President for BioMar Continental Europe. Niels Alsted, who has during the last 1½ year temporarily been constituted as Vice President Continental Europe, will in this way be able to retake his responsibilities as Vice President for Sourcing, Research & Development, and Business Development fo...

2008 result for The BioMar Group

The BioMar Group is since April 2008 fully owned by Schouw & Co - a Danish company listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen. The financial result of the BioMar Group for 2008 is consequently integrated into the financial statement of Schouw & Co, which was published on March 12th 2009.  

BioMar optimising production structure and getting poised for growth

Following the success integration of Provimi Aqua, BioMar has now launched a plan to optimise the production structure of its overall operations and has initiated negotiations with the parties involved, as required under Danish legislation. Optimising the operations is a necessary step in enhancing BioMar’s overall efficiency and competitive strength and a means with which BioMar can retain its...

New CEO at BioMar

BioMar, the world’s third-largest manufacturer of quality feed for the fish farming industry, is making management changes. Torben Svejgård, 53, who has extensive leadership experience, also from 17 years with Danisco, has been named new CEO of BioMar, a company based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Merger of Schouw & Co. and BioMar Holding approved

At the annual general meeting of BioMar Holding held on April 15, 2008, the proposal of a merger with Schouw & Co. was approved, and at the annual general meeting of Schouw & Co. held on April 16, 2008, the proposals to issue bonus shares and to merge with BioMar Holding were adopted.

Merger of Aktieselskabet Schouw & Co. and BioMar Holding A/S

The boards of directors of Aktieselskabet Schouw & Co. (”Schouw & Co.”) and BioMar Holding A/S (”BioMar Holding”) have agreed to recommend that the two companies merge with Schouw & Co. as the continuing company

BioMar completes acquisition of Provimi Aqua

The BioMar Group completes acquisition of the fish feed activities of the Provimi Group.