Research & development facilities

BioMar performs a considerable amount of tests and trials. Process technology is tested and developed in our pilot plant at the BioMar Tech-Centre in Denmark. New feed types are tested either at BioMar’s own facilities in Denmark, Chile and Costa Rica, or in collaboration with external partners and research institutions such as GIFA and FFH in Norway and GIA on the Canary Islands. Final testing of new feed types is often performed in consultation with farmers in commercial farming facilities.

Trials conducted at BioMar facilities range from systematic testing of new raw materials e.g. with respect to their digestibility by different fish species to comparative performance trials of different feed types under a variety of different conditions regards to e.g. temperature or oxygenation.

Castro Experimental Centre

Tanks are being prepared in Castro Experimental Centre, Chile.

In addition to the trials in the research centers field, trials are performed in collaboration with commercial farms and serves as a valuable supplement in the development process. Fish might experience different types of stress in the farm than in the controlled environment, and these tests therefore add important knowledge. Results from these trials are being collected by farm personnel and analyzed by BioMar R&D staff in order to continuously improve feed performance.