Species & Products

BioMar supplies high performance feed to more than 45 different fish species from cold water species like salmon, trout, cod, and halibut to Mediterranean and tropical fish species like bass, bream, meagre, cobia, tilapia and shrimp.

Specific feed ranges available vary according to region and according to the primary fish species farmed in each region and special conditions such as climate and farm types. For more information on feed types and product lines available in your area check out the web sites of our local sales companies across the world.

Fry feed Alitec

Feed for all stages in the fish life cycle

BioMar's different feed ranges cover the full life cycle of both marine and fresh water fish species. Starting with the LARVIVA product range for larvae, fry, and shrimp the product range continues with a number of regionally specific types of fry feed, such as INICIO Plus (available from BioMar North Sea and Continental Europe) and ALITEC (available from BioMar Americas). The product programme includes a large variety of grower feeds and specially enriched brood stock feeds targeted at different fish species..

Added consumer value

Organic food products are rapidly gaining importance among consumers. BioMar produces a number of different feed types certified for farming of organic fish to cover this growing need. New feed concepts are constantly being developed in order to cater for new consumer trends and help our customers grow their business.


BioMar’s SMART Feed range comprises feed products with active ingredients or different types of premixes of vitamins and minerals, which are key aspects to keep fish healthy and provide optimal fish growth and thereby contribute to a healthy farm business.


BioMar fish feed pellet