We are innovators dedicated to an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture.

We are innovators

Who is BioMar?

BioMar is a world leader in high performance diets for more than 45 different fish and shrimp species in more than 80 countries.

Founded in 1962 by a group of Danish fish farmers, BioMar’s heritage is a long-term commitment to developing the aquaculture industry in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our main focus is supporting our customers delivering healthy, great tasting seafood. We do this by innovating efficient, safe and nutritious feed for aquaculture with minimal environmental impact.

Our global scale, local agility and execution focus ensure that we can meet individual customer needs – always with departure in proven results and a meticulous focus on food safety.

Our Purpose Statement

We are innovators dedicated to
an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture.

The BioMar purpose is rooted in our heritage and our commitment to aquaculture. Through cutting-edge knowledge and long lasting partnerships with our stakeholders, we strive to develop and deliver truly efficient, sustainable, and healthy feed solutions.

We are dedicated to Innovating Aquaculture.

Our contribution

We are committed to four long-term guiding principles to support our Purpose Statement.

We are continuously striving to improve BioMar’s capability for innovation.

We promote and encourage a culture of innovation in all parts of the company. We conduct research together with external partners. We actively improve our agility and flexibility. We support the cross-utilisation of know-how and staff skills. And we continuously invest in conducting our own research and development.

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We are determined to embrace long-term commitment towards and with our stakeholders.

We insist on being customer-centric. We grow long-term partnerships. We empower all our employees to engage in external relations. We work hard to maintain being a great place to work. And we share knowledge in order to support mutual growth.

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We are devoted to developing sustainable aquaculture.

We constantly reduce our own environmental footprint. We work with customers to improve the sustainability of their farming activities. We use sustainably sourced raw materials, delivered by responsible suppliers. We enhance transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. And we are always seeking out new and more sustainable raw materials.

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We are committed to enabling the aquaculture industry to be a long-term profitable provider of safe, healthy seafood.

We keep reducing the feed conversion ratio. We work with our customers to ensure the most efficient and responsible feeding practices possible. We optimize the value chain within our own organisation. We develop high-performing talents and grow staff capabilities. We run thorough management systems, and comply with accredited certification schemes.

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BioMar Facts & Figures

We invite you to learn more about our global presence, our ownership and our achievements.

Our History

Innovating aquaculture for more than 50 years


In the early 1960’s a group of Danish fish farmers establish BioMar under the name Dansk Ørredfoder A/S.

The company is among the first in Europe to start production of pelletised dry feed. Compared to the commonly used wet feed this new type of feed is less polluting, better performing and much easier to handle.

The Danish fish farming sector consolidates and the interest for applying dry feeds increases. The company mainly serves local fish farms although it receives orders fom surrounding countries, with subsequent sporadic exports.

1962: Founded by a group of Danish farmers under the name Dansk Ørredfoder A/S


BioMar pioneers the introduction of extruded fish feed that allows for a significant reduction of the impact from aquaculture on the local water environment.

ECOLINE, the first environmentally declared fish feed in the world, is launched.

BioMar establishes sustainability as one of the main goals in feed development in order to minimise adverse ecological consequences of current and future aquaculture activity and expansion.

The company starts to expand internationally, both in terms of exports, andthrough acquisitions in Europe.

1995: BioMar establishes production in Grangemouth, Scotland


BioMar takes game changing initiatives such as launching SMARTfeed, a range of feed products with bio-functional components targeting improved fish health.

The BioSustainTM programme is launched, aiming for optimisation of sustainability efforts by measuring and evaluating the sustainability of raw materials and processes.

BioMar becomes one of the leading suppliers of aquaculture feed in the world by investing in further factories in Europe and going beyond the borders of Europe by acquiring factories in Chile.

2002: BioMar aquires factories in Chile


BioMar contributes to enhancing survival and growth performances of fish and shrimp by introducing feeds containing Bactocell®, the only probiotic approved by the European Food Safety Authorities for inclusion in aquaculture feeds.

BioMar launches ORBIT, a diet specially developed for farming in RAS systems that are receiving more and more attention as a viable long-term sustainable solution to aquaculture.

A BioMar factory is the first feed plant in the world to comply with the ASC standard for salmon and trout, a standard that is focusing on socially and environmentally responsible aquaculture production. BioMar commits to environmentally friendly and sustainable feed delivery solutions by operating the world's first cargo ship of its type powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

BioMar starts publishing its annual global Sustainability Report, and with this commits to increased public transparency in its activities.

In this decade BioMar continues expanding its global presence through establishing production in in Costa Rica, Turkey and (from 2017) China.

2015: BioMar and Tongwei stablish Joint Venture in China


Today, BioMar is positioned as one of the leading feed suppliers in the aquaculture industry.

Looking at our past and to the future we are a company where innovation, cooperation, sustainability and performance are strong pillars.

We are proud of our history.

We will continue contributing to the production of healthy and great tasting seafood in a sustainable and an efficient way, with the same dedication as we have had throughout the years since 1962.

Carlos Diaz, CEO BioMar

Working at BioMar

About: Working at BioMar (item, L pic.)

Not just a job

For most of our employees working at BioMar is not only just a job. It is a way of living. They experience that they have highly interesting job, good colleagues and a true possibility to impact the development of an efficient and sustainable global aquaculture. BioMar people feel that they are valued in their everyday work and that they have the opportunity for professional development.

At BioMar, we go to work to provide nutritious, healthy and safe feed solutions – in an innovative and ever-more-sustainable way. This this is who we actually are, deep down in the soul of BioMar. Every day and in every part of our organisation.

Work with us!


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BioMar adds new specialized line in Denmark

BioMar Group decides to invest in additional capacity for the factory in Denmark. The new line will be highly specialized and dedicated to fry and RAS feed production enabling the factory to increase flexibility, quality and production performance.

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New markets support BioMar in Q1

First quarter of 2018 underlines, that BioMar Group has entered into new markets and species creating viable business growth. The financial results are supported by solid yield from the new investments while weather conditions and a competitive scenario hit BioMar’s Salmon Division.

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R&D at BioMar’s ATC Patagonia is off to an exciting start

The work in research and development of BioMar Chile carried out in the ATC Patagonia began on the right foot in its second year of operations. Both with the number and quality of trials carried out at the center and with the high caliber of researchers who visited the country.

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BioMar uses BASF’s Sustainable Solution Steering methodology on their raw material portfolio

BioMar strives to be the sustainability leader in the industry and this method supports us with a comprehensive and systematic tool that grants transparency and documentation from raw material to end-product application

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BioMar growth exceeds expectations

In 2017, BioMar Group delivered on the growth aspirations. The financial results for the year reveal a significant increase in revenue as well as solid EBIT exceeding expectations. Driving factors have been expansions into new markets and an increased focus on innovation and sustainability.

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AUD 56 million aqua feed production facility proposed for northern Tasmania, Australia

BioMar Australia have released plans to develop a AUD 56 million aqua feed production facility in the state’s north, providing a significant boost to the local economy, job creation and the state’s growing aquaculture industry.

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Celebration of Alimentsa’s 30 years within shrimp feed

The Alimentsa anniversary event was attended by more than 400 customers and stakeholders from the industry including the Vice Minister of Aquaculture in Ecuador.

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BioMar announces strategic R&D investment in the shrimp market

Just two months after confirming the acquisition of Ecuadorian feed manufacturer Alimentsa, BioMar announced today the establishment of a new trial facility for shrimp.

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Aquaculture UK, Aviemore, Scotland

Aquaculture UK is the leading business event for the aquaculture industry in the UK, hosting over 125 exhibitors from all over the world with a wide variety of products, services and advice for fish farmers, farm managers and aquaculture business partners. Come and visit BioMar at booth 31.

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Water & Fish Conference, Belgrade, Serbia

The 8th International conference “Water & Fish” will take place 13-15 June 2018 at the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade. A technical and technological exhibition will be held simultaneously with the Conference. BioMar looks forward to informing about our offerings.

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TARS 2018, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The 8th Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS) will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand August 15-16, 2018. This opinion-leading aquaculture event in Asia is sponsored again by BioMar.

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AQUA 2018, Montpellier, France

BioMar will again be the Gold sponsor of this aquaculture event, co-organized by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) and the World Aquaculture Society (WAS). AQUA 2018 will highlight the latest aquaculture research and innovations to underpin continued growth of this exiting food production sector. At BioMar we look very much forward to meeting with fish farmers, scientist and many other stakeholders at our booth. For more information visit #WeRAquaculture

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HydroMediT, Volos, Greece

HydroMediT is an International Congresses on novel scientific and technological trends and aspects on aquatic living resources in the Mediterranean and its adjacent waters. BioMar will be sponsoring the event, and we proudly welcome all at our booth to get inspired about our products, services and developments.

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