Manufacturing Excellence

A foundation for feed performance
Manufacturing Excellence within BioMar focuses on building world-class production sites ensuring a solid basis for continuous improvements and knowledge sharing.
We do this by aligning and empowering our people with our Operational Excellence Program to embed a BioMar Performance Culture.
Through simplifying standardized Business Processes and Global Core Systems, we aim to have our factory processes fully aligned with mandatory technical standards.

Quality Systems & Certifications

At BioMar, we focus on quality and food safety to ensure compliance with local regulatory frameworks and mutually agreed customer requirements.

Our customers and local markets provide the requirements for certification across our businesses; we build on base-level ISO 9001 certification at all production locations and include ISO14001, ISO 22001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and ISO 17025 at specific locations depending on the needs. In addition, we follow market-related standards, certify to BAP, GLOBALG.A.P., and other product standards, and are working on deploying the new ASC Feed Standard across all applicable markets.

We consider food safety to be one of our most important priorities and strive to reach the highest possible security. We impose strict internal procedures for all processes at our facilities and apply a level of control that often exceeds official requirements. We thoroughly assess our product portfolio on a global level. We have a harmonised approach towards food safety, with quality systems that

  1. Monitor performance and compliance

  2. Ensure local management plans are aligned with local requirements.