Sustainable raw materials

BioMar will use responsibly sourced raw materials that can be traced back to their source of origin.
BioMar makes ongoing assessments of precisely which purchasing criteria are necessary in order to ensure and document that raw materials associated with special sustainability issues are responsibly purchased. Purchases of marine raw materials, soybean and palm products are subject to specific requirements. BioMar will make out an overview of how large a portion of our deliveries of marine raw materials originate from catches in accordance with the FAO COC for responsible fisheries, for example, IFFO RS, MSC or equivalent. BioMar only buys deforestation-free soybeans and palm products. We also endeavour, as far as possible, to make use of by-product raw materials in our feed production.

BioMar Group Sourcing is a centralized organization for the sourcing and purchasing of raw materials for BioMar. Although additional requirements may apply for some markets, BioMar Group Sourcing operates according to pre-defined minimum standards