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Where does BioMar source its ingredients from?

Where does BioMar source its i

Where does BioMar source its ingredients from?

BioMar Australia prefer to sustainably source our ingredients locally wherever possible. BioMar only source from independently certified producers, or in the process of becoming certified organisations. Currently, BioMar Australia source approximately 60% of our raw materials from Australia, playing our role in supporting Australian farmers.

As part of BioMar Group, global standards in sourcing of ingredients are defined at the group level, with some additional requirements applied to individual markets. BioMar has established a Supplier Approval Audit Team (SAAT) that is responsible for the overall approving and auditing of suppliers, ensuring traceability of common raw materials. Raw materials, as well as additives and other ingredients, are analysed and evaluated in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. At BioMar, we aim to leverage our position in the global supply chain, creating demand for independently certified and well-regulated products, helping create a sustainable future.

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