Ben Milbourne visits BioMar

Celebrity chef Ben Milbourne visited BioMar Australia’s Wesley Vale factory twice last week. Ben grew up on Tasmania’s North West coast, working as a science school teacher in Devonport before participating in season 4 of MasterChef, where he placed 5th. MaterChef allowed Ben to follow his passion of cooking and work with experienced and highly talented chefs to refine his skills. Ben has since made a name for himself in Australian media, running successful shows such as ‘Ben’s Menu’, which was short listed for a Logie award in 2015.


Ben took the opportunity to visit BioMar’s Australia’s production and learn more about aquafeed and the supply chain of Tasmanian salmon. Coming from a scientific background, Ben had a keen interest in learning more about the science behind aquafeed. He found the tour informative and relished in the opportunity to see the raw materials BioMar use in our feed firsthand. Ben was impressed not only by the quality of materials, but the regulations BioMar place on our materials to ensure it meets our high quality and environmental standards.  


Ben returned to the facility on Wednesday for BioMar’s Australia’s annual winter BioFeast event. Ben, who is well known for his exceptional seafood cooking, used Huon Aquacultures Tasmanian salmon to provide staff members with high quality, healthy food for the event. Staff members thoroughly enjoyed the event and the delicious food available. 


Post MasterChef, Ben and his wife started their own company Cultivate Productions, a multi-faceted media production company located in Tasmanian. Cultivate Productions are currently in production for season 2 of their latest show, 'Left Off the Map', a travel and food show that will air on Channel 10.