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BioMar Australia announces new vessel

BioMar Australia is excited to announce a $15 million-dollar, nation-leading project to construct the first green methanol ready vessel in Australia.

The vessel will be 81-metres long and being constructed with the future in mind through the creative design by Tasmanian company Southern Ocean Solutions. It will have the capacity to run on green methanol once it becomes available in Tasmania.

David Whyte said the government’s confidence in green hydrogen seen with the announcement of a Tasmanian Green Hydrogen hub in Bell Bay late last year was an important part of the decision to move forward with the vessel.

“Once green hydrogen becomes available, the vessel will switch to green methanol as its primary fuel, resulting in one of the most sustainable delivery vessels in the world, cutting fossil fuel use and embracing renewable energy,” Mr Whyte said.

BioMar Australia would like to congratulate staff member Mandy Gibbons for successfully naming BioMar Australia’s first vessel Ecoline. The name is part of BioMar’s heritage as Ecoline was declared the first environmentally friendly fish feed in the world and won the Danish Environmental Award in 1988.