Educating The Future

At BioMar over the last few weeks, we have been engaging with local school, Andrews Creek Primary, to provide insight and education to students on aquaculture and fish feed production. Andrews Creek Primary is located in Wesley Vale, with our BioMar facility in view from the school. Two weeks ago, BioMar staff attended the school to provide a presentation on aquaculture, educating students on the industry, the importance of sustainable aquaculture globally, and its future in Tasmania. The year 4-6 students were able to see firsthand the feed produced by BioMar and were able to ask some great questions about the industry.

Last week, the students visited our facility, seeing where the production and manufacturing process of fish feed occurs. Equipped with appropriate safety gear, the students were able to go inside the factory, learning what takes place inside the building that can be seen from their school playground. Students again had the opportunity to ask questions about the building, production and the industry.

Thank you to Andrews Creek Primary for being the first school group to visit our BioMar facility in Wesley Vale. BioMar staff enjoyed educating such well-behaved students and answering some great questions. For further information on how your school can participate in learning about the aquaculture and feed production industry through engagement with BioMar, contact Nick Hutchinson via