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Local MP Felix Ellis tours BioMar Australia

Last week local Braddon MP, Felix Ellis, took time out of his schedule to come out and visit BioMar’s Wesley Vale facility. Felix was elected to represent Braddon in the recent Tasmanian 2021 election, becoming the youngest member of parliament. Felix is passionate to make Tasmania a place where families can find opportunities to secure an income and embrace the Tasmanian lifestyle. Felix fights to secure Tasmania’s and Braddon’s future by focusing on securing more local jobs, better healthcare and creating safer communities for families to live in within the North West, West Coast and King Island communities. 


Felix grew up in Western Australia and Tasmania’s West Coast, learning the values of serving the community from his parents. His time on the West Coast allowed him to experience the broader impacts the aquaculture industry can have on the local economy and community. During his visit, Felix was able to view BioMar’s complete production line, laboratory and learn more about the science and manufacturing process behind creating fish feed.


Felix was impressed by the high environmental and safety standards BioMar hold themselves to, to ensure the production of a high quality, safe and sustainable product. He was also pleased to learn about the impact BioMar has had on the economy since commencing production in Tasmania, and the future opportunities BioMar are seeking to create within the North West community.  After his visit, Felix is confident that BioMar is a key contributor to the North West economy, which will only increase going forward.