Shooters, Fishers & Farmers visit BioMar

On June 23rd BioMar Australia welcomed Ken Orr and Adrian Pickin from the Tasmania’s Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party. Both Ken and Adrian have shown interest in aquaculture, having viewed both fish farms and hatcheries prior to visiting BioMar, with our production being the last link in the aquaculture supply chain. The day started with a Q & A session, where Ken and Adrian were able to ask Australian Manager Director David Whyte questions about BioMar, fish feed production and our role in the Tasmanian salmon industry.


After enjoying some lunch provided by Huon Aquaculture, Ken and Adrian were invited into our production facility for a tour, led by David Whyte and Nick Hutchinson. During their tour, Ken and Adrian were able to see the full scale of our operations, viewing our packaging warehouse, the production process, raw material storage and our laboratory. They asked questions and were able to see all the procedures and regulations BioMar put in place to ensure the high quality of our feed.



The standout for Ken and Adrian’s visit was learning about the high level of traceability BioMar has on each fish food pellet produced. From a simple barcode of a BioMar fed salmon, we can trace all the batches of feed the fish has had for its entire lifetime, all the raw materials included in that feed, and go back to our suppliers to see where they got their materials from, and we keep samples on the premises for years after to test if needed. This was reassuring for both that BioMar and the Tasmanian salmon industry are well regulated and take food safety seriously.


BioMar would like to thank Ken and Adrian for making contact and taking the time to come out and visit our facility. BioMar offer tours for  interested community groups and educational purposes. If you would like more information, contact Nick Hutchinson on