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Ulverstone West Rotary Mill Tour

May 27 2021

On Tuesday the 25th of May, BioMar Australia welcomed the Ulverstone West Rotary Club to our Wesley Vale factory. Despite the poor weather, Ulverstone West Rotary Club showed up in great numbers, with 21 members coming for a tour of our factory. The factory tour consists of a short presentation, before stepping foot into our factory to view the manufacturing process behind producing fish feed. The aim of these tours is to educate the community not only the production of fish feed, but on the aquaculture industry and BioMar. The Ulverstone West Rotary club enjoyed their time at Wesley Vale, finding the tour both enjoyable and educational.

Hosting tours is one way BioMar Australia seek to engage with our community. These tours are a great opportunity for community members to learn more about BioMar and aquafeed production, while viewing further up aquaculture’s supply chain, seeing the measures taken at each step to ensure a world class sustainable industry. We would like to thank Peter Little from the Ulverstone WestRotary club for reaching out to us and organising the tour participants, as well as Nick Hutchinson and Evan Thompson for hosting.

If you are interested in viewing our Wesley Vale factory and learning more about aquafeed, contact Nick Hutchinson on