BioMar Retention Technology

About BioMar Retention Technology

THE VALUE OF FISH FEED is traditionally seen from the perspective of its chemical composition, but there are countless interactions between the process and raw materials that affect pellet quality. Different quality feed has different effects in the fishes' nutrient intake and utilisation.

There is increasing focus on pellet quality in the industry, in particular with regard to bulk transportation and larger and more advanced feeding systems. Requirements in terms of feed have gradually become more specific with respect to both robustness during handling and increased performance in fish, and new raw materials are constantly being introduced at the same time. Together, this has resulted in a more systematic approach to pellet quality, structure and effects in fish.

Optimum quality for reduced loss in feeding systems is not necessarily the optimum feed for high performance in fish.

THROUGH BIOMAR RETENTION TECHNOLOGY, BioMar is focusing on maximum retention of nutrients from raw materials via feed for fish by finding the optimum balance between the feed's robustness during handling, high retention of nutrients and good intestinal health.

BRT also takes into consideration that different species have different needs with regard to raw material composition, pellet quality and digestion. Less feed waste in the form of dust and crushed feed or undigested feed will increase sustainability in the nutrients, and will also increase earnings with less loss in the different stages of the production chain from raw material to harvested fish.

BRT is a continuous and systematic process to increase knowledge regarding nutrition in relation to technology, the production process, raw materials and pellet quality. We are creating new and integrated competence regarding the different interactions between these areas. Most of the BRT material in this brochure is from internal R&D research (Sixten & Hillestad).