Performance enhancer

Facts about Quick

Quick is based on ‘Superba krill’, a type of krill harvested in the Antarctic by Aker BioMarine.

Krill is one of the cleanest and most potent sources of nutrition in the world. It is highly nutritional and exists in volumes that weigh twice as much as the entire human population of the Earth. The amount harvested accounts for only a tiny proportion of the sustainable volume.

The process of catching Superba krill is MSC-certified. Aker BioMarine’s catches of krill in the Antarctic Ocean accounts for just 0.35% of the biomass. Adding Quick to the feed improves fish health and boosts growth in a natural, sustainable manner.

Extra yield in all our products

Adding Quick to the feed boosts appetite and yield, resulting in increased growth. This helps fish farmers to achieve harvest weight more quickly, or to obtain a higher harvest weight from the standard production time.

Quick is used in our

  • Rainbow Fjord, Energy X, Power and SMARTfeeds product ranges for improved feed assimilation.
  • All products are marked with a Q behind the product name when the Quick component is added.

This is the reason why BioMar customers are increasingly asking for products containing Quick, and why these products now make up a significant share of our total sales. We generally recommend the use of Quick to boost appetite during different periods where the fish require greater resistance and have the biggest potential for growth.

  • BioMar always recommends using Quick continuously until the fish weigh approx. 1 kg.
  • This provides a solid growth advantage, with a ‘compound interest’ effect until the fish reach harvest size.