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What additives are used in your feed?

What additives are used in you

What additives are used in your feed?

Binders and stabilisers are feed additives, added to either preserve the feeds nutritional compound prior to feeding, or to facilitate ingredient dispersion. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) require that a stabiliser be added to fishmeal prior to shipping, ensuring safe transportation of storage of this ingredient.

Ethoxyquin is an effective and widely used stabiliser. Ethoxyquin is approved by the federal government and generally regarded as safe. Currently, Tasmanian salmon would require you to eat more than 4kg of salmon everyday to reach the World Health Organisation (WHO).

BioMar Australia do not add Ethoxyquin as a feed additive. By cooperating with our suppliers, we have developed alternative solutions to stabilise our feed materials. However, due to being legal to use marine ingredients, traces of ethoxyquin may be found in the marine ingredients we use. Recent testing (2020-2021) has found no traces of ethoxyquin in our feed. We continue to test our feed for transparency and strive to continue to achieve this standard.