BioMar Experts

A talented group of experts that strives for improving BioMar’s capability for innovation.

A targeted R&D organisation

BioMar’s Research & Development organisation is structured in three units which have different focus areas. The units have a close cooperation in order to ensure that BioMar’s overall R&D aims and objectives are achieved. The main office for BioMar R&D is seated in Trondheim, Norway.

Product management

The link between science and market
The purpose

Solid science is provided by a strong R&D organization that delivers beyond state of art research on aquaculture feeds and ensure that our feed contains the right nutrients and raw materials levels. Having said that, solid science is hardly enough to develop innovative feed solutions. Understanding our customers' need is also a crucial domain when the goal is to supply adapted top performing feeds. In this respect, our sales and BioFarm teams are in permanent contact with the market.

At the crossroads between the R&D and the market, BioMar has a structure of Technical Departments which gather product managers under the leadership of technical directors. This way we ensure that product development is based both on solid science and careful attention paid to local market needs.

The focus

BioMar's Technical Departments set the strategy for new and improved products in all segments, define the needs, focus on knowledge gaps in collaboration with R&D and elaborate product launching strategies in collaboration with other relevant departments of BioMar, such as sales and marketing teams.

Members of technical departments take also an active part of R&D innovation processes and follow product performance in the field via commercial trials or in trials under controlled conditions.

Photo: Åge Hojem
Product managers

Members of the Technical Departments have strong technical background and insights in R&D efforts as well as customer needs. The team is therefore very skilled in all aquaculture nutrition domains and communicates easily and rapidly to provide the right solutions to our customers.

Product Managers are responsible for continuously developing our existing and new products. They are a strong local force linking together market opportunities and new knowledge inside and outside BioMar.

Photo: Åge Hojem