Sustainability Is About Harvesting Nature's Resources So That They Replenish Themselves And Are Not Depleted 

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About our sustainability efforts
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BioMar response to the loss of MSC certification

It is very disappointing to witness the MSC suspension and subsequent loss of certification of the Atlanto-Scandian herring and blue whiting fisheries. BioMar advocates for healthy oceans and sustainably well managed fisheries. We made a commitment to the use of certified fish meal and fish oil in our Sustainability Report five years ago and we will continue honouring this pledge.

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BioMar commits to ‘give 100%’ along with 14 World Leaders

Almost two years ago BioMar was invited to join the advisory board of The High level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, since then 20 science-led papers and reports have been commissioned that has led to the creation of the Transformations documents which outlines 74 priority actions for a sustainable ocean economy.

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From negative CO2 emissions to a net-positive protein source

BioMar is one of 10 collaborative partners to join the end-to-end value chain wide consortium in the React-First project. It is led by carbon recycling biotechnology company Deep Branch, which has pioneered a process that uses microbes to convert carbon dioxide from industrial emissions and turns them into high-value proteins.

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Harmonizing LCA data in feed production: Soy as a case study

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a data intensive tool used to quantify the environmental impacts of products and services. Despite data access being essential for performing high quality assessments, robust and complete LCA datasets are in short supply even for key aquafeed ingredients, such as soy.

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Our guiding principles

How we secure a high standard of our business
BioMar’s Sustainability Report

Strong commitment to sustainability

BioMar’s Sustainability Report outlines our ambitious targets for sustainability, but also shows the strong commitment that the BioMar Group has had over the years to developing sustainable and responsible solutions throughout its activities.

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Guidelines & Reporting

Our guidelines and reporting systems

The BioMar Group has a comprehensive set of guidelines and we apply a high level of control to ensure that our goals are met. Furthermore, we commit to increased public transparency of our activities by reporting through our GRI report.

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Transparency & Food Safety

Complete traceability is fundamental to food safety. BioMar procedures and registrations contribute to full traceability both forwards and backwards in the food production chain. All feed ingredients can be traced back through BioMar's production and warehouses to the supplier of each individual raw material. Similarly, any raw material or finished feed can be traced to the individual farmer who has received the feed from BioMar.  

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Environmental Footprint

The global need for food will increase, and aquaculture can become a very important player in establishing sufficient and sustainable food production, according to the UN.

BioMar works with customers to improve the sustainability of their farming activities. We use sustainably sourced raw materials – delivered by responsible suppliers. We enhance transparency and traceability throughout the whole supply chain.  And we always search for new and more sustainable raw materials.

We always strive to reduce our own environmental footprint. 

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Sustainability insights

Sustainability is about harvesting nature's resources so that they replenish themselves and are not depleted.


The world's population is growing. Rapidly. We need food production that can replenish itself. Sustainability has become a question of life and death. 

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Sustainable aquaculture

In a situation where the world needs more food and few can deliver, aquaculture has acquired even greater responsibility. 

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BioMar’s contribution

BioMar was the first company within the aquaculture industry to be certified as sustainable, according to the DNV ProSustain standard.

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Sustainable aquafeed

Sustainable farming starts with sustainable feed. Success in our sustainability programme is based on how BioMar deals with and resolves the sustainability challenges involved with obtaining raw materials from all over the world, processing the raw materials and creating and supplying high-quality products and services for our customers.

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Sustainable Seafood

Stories about our efforts for securing sustainably produced seafood