Performance concept 

Consistent feed performance 

Consistent feed performance since 2004

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Back in 2004, BioMar launched BioRythm, a tool for optimizing feed formulation that balanced the digestible protein and the digestible energy for every pellet size, ensuring healthy and high performing fish. Since, we have focused on an on-going development and improvement of our feed formulation tools.

This led to the introduction of the Performance Concept in 2012, where we extended our formulation from looking at only the DP/DE ratio to also include, for instance, specifically amino acid profiles for each species and each development stage. We have successfully been using this concept for more than half a decade to ensure that all of our feeds indeed deliver a consistent, predictable performance based on solid documentation.

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The basis of the Performance Concept

Feed performance is expressed as Specific Growth Rate (SGR) and Feed Conversion Rate (FCR). SGR and FCR are mostly influenced by two key nutritional factors: amino acids and energy. The right balance between the available amino acids and the available energy is a prerequisite for optimizing the protein utilization and thus for obtaining the best growth for a given level of the digestible energy.

With the Performance Concept, the performance of the feed remains constant while at the same time we utilize raw materials in the most efficient way. Furthermore, feed based on the Performance Concept provides the right supply of vitamins and minerals, the right balance of essential fatty acids for optimal fish growth and the right palatability of the feed to secure the optimal feed intake.

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Optimum fish performance and economic result

The benefits of the Performance Concept are multifaceted. Feed formulated with the Performance Concept consistently provides excellent nutritional quality which matches the requirements of the fish. As a result, it helps fish farmers to achieve the best possible economic performance on their farms.

Applying the Performance Concept reduces the dependency from individual raw materials, which results in more cost-effective feed. In addition, it allows the aquaculture industry to move towards sustainable use of raw materials and other scarce resources without compromising the constant high quality of the feed.