A fresh view on aquaculture

The BioMar Group has just launched a new website framing its ambitions for innovating aquaculture. The new website gives all users access to a significant knowledge base and makes it clear that the future of the aquaculture depends upon cooperation, innovation, performance and sustainability.

BioMar Group is now inviting all stakeholders to explore the new company website. While building it one of the most important aspirations has been to enhance collaboration and partnership with stakeholders, sharing information and promoting long-term thinking. The new format gives easy access to a significant knowledge base on farming and feeding in aquaculture while telling the story about how BioMar for more than 50 years has been a significant player in building sustainable and efficient aquaculture.

Sif Rishøj, Corporate Communication Director of the BioMar Group, looks forward to giving new insights into BioMar and its activities: - At BioMar we are committed to innovating aquaculture. The website has been designed to ease communication and cooperation with our stakeholders. Actually we have designed and build a website that is extremely user friendly. I believe that it is very easy to find the right information despite the extensive volume of material available.

BioMar launched last year the company purpose statement carrying the tagline "Let´s Innovate Aquaculture" and a new ambitious strategy "Shaping the Future". The guiding principles of the strategic initiatives - as well as the daily work in the company – are described by the four core notions: Innovation, Sustainability, Cooperation and Performance. These guiding principles are unfolded and described in depth on the new website.

- Our marketing and technical departments have worked hard in order to make a comprehensive webpage with the ambition of creating a truly interesting source of information. It will be constantly updated and developed with the aim of interacting with the aquaculture community being a proactive contributor to the development of a sustainable and efficient industry.

The website is of course compatible with today's browsers and mobile devices. No matter the media the web page will open up for a user-friendly experience with easy navigation. It is available in fourteen languages allowing the users to easily access detailed information on products and product utilisation.