BioMar A/S expands new laboratory facilitites in Brande

May 10 2018

In the beginning of May, BioMar A/S in Brande held a housewarming celebration for the new laboratory, which in the future will provide more space and opportunities to improve the capacity for analysis of the laboratory.

The reason for starting the project with a new laboratory is a significant growth in our business over the past year. There is a need of space, both due to investments made in new equipment and new employees at BioMar A/S in Brande.

The number of product types has increased, and the same applies to the number of different raw materials demanding analyses. In addition, there has been a request from BioMarĀ“s global functions located in Brande to allocate more space for their activitites. With the development of new activitites, the physical framework for the old laboratory had become too small, and it was time to build a new laboratory.

"A new laboratory is a way to secure our business on the long run and is part of our future growth plan.
It will allow us to handle even more analyzes of our feed and thus ensures the continued high quality products to our customers in a growing market domestically and internationally. I look forward to inviting our good and faithful employees to the new state-of-the-art facilities, "says Managing Director of BioMar A/S in Brande, Anders Brandt-Clausen.

Laboratory technician Lene Baadsgaard Juul, who, among other things, has been involved in the project for the expansion of the new laboratory, says: "The expansion of the laboratory has been a great wish for us laboratory technicians, and a need we had in a long time, we are looking forward to moving in and taking the new facilitites in use".

The new laboratory will provide a more efficient workflow, and will enable a better handling of future demands with improved product quality. Furthermore, it will provide a framework for a better and more efficient working environment for the laboratory technicians.

The housewarming for the new laboratory at BioMar A/S in Brande was celebrated in high sunshine with all the employees.