Handling of organic waste

At the BioMar factory in Nersac, France, focus has for several years been put on the handling of waste, for instance come from the production areas. All factory operators are responsible for the handling of waste. The waste is collected from the vacuum cleaning system and automatically transported through pipes into a specifically dedicated container to the waste. All operators follow a comprehensive cleaning plan, and as much cleaning as possible is done using the vacuum system to ensure a more careful, quicker and simpler cleaning.

At a yearly basis, the volume of organic waste at this factory is of approximately ten tons. The waste comes from the production; i.e. dust from products or raw materials deposited on the floor as well as spilled pellets from machines or broken packaging. Common for all organic waste is that it is handled separately from the rest of the waste with the purpose of recycling. The recycling initiatives consist of composting instead of landfill and burying.