Anguilla anguilla

Focus on feed performance

Intro - Eel Growers (item)

BioMarĀ“s eel grower feeds are formulated with only one goal in mind: to maximize performance.

By employing the latest insights in eel nutrition and using the best, highly digestible raw materials our feeds deliver low feed conversion rates. A strong focus on palatability ensures maximum feed intake and high growth rates.

Low output of waste products allow more fish to be grown for a given biofilter size, further allowing for maximum production in recirculated systems.

Grower feeds

DAN-EX 2848

The trusted feed for medium size eels

  • Based on our best-selling classic grower feed range.

  • With an updated formulation to give consistent performance.

  • The perfect feed for medium sized eels.
DAN-EX 2848
Pellet size (mm) 1.5
DE (MJ/kg) 20.7
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Comment Standard eel feed
DAN-EX 2748

Top performance feed

  • Formulated using the best raw materials available.

  • Formulated with new insights in eel nutrition, delivering the lowest feed conversion rate and highest growth rates.

  • Ideal to maximize production/m3 and minimize the fixed cost per kg eel produced.
DAN-EX 2748
Pellet size (mm) 2
DE (MJ/kg) 21.1
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Comment High performance

Grower feed comparison

x Eel Growers - DK/GR COMP. (container)

DAN-EX 2848 DAN-EX 2748
Pellet size (mm) 1.5 2
DE (MJ/kg) 20.7 21.1
Comment Standard eel feed High performance