Cleaner fish

Salmon (Salmo salar)


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BioMar's product ranges for cleaner fish, SYMBIO and LUMPFISH, provide these species with the nutrition they need to perform well in their important delousing tasks. Cleaner fish have become important species in the salmon industry, because they feed on sea lice that live on salmon. Lice-eating cleaner fish species are now farmed on a large scale to control lice in a chemical-free, natural way. Salmon lice feed on skin cells and mucus, and represent the greatest challenge for salmon farmers today. Although sea lice do not affect food safety or the quality of the salmon, they do make salmon more vulnerable to illness and affect growth. At BioMar, the development of feed for cleaner fish (both lumpfish and wrasse) is highly prioritized. In 2010, we started performing controlled trials with feed for cleaner fish. This research was founded on the competence that the BioMar Group has built up through decades as a supplier of feed to other marine species of farmed fish, especially in the Mediterranean Sea region. Over the last years, we have intensified the development of cleaner fish feed, and our well-documented range is offered to farms who prefer using cleaner fish for treatment of lice instead of medication.