Better animal health, better quality feed and greater economy for our customers

The aquaculture industry has grown rapidly and it has not been without challenges. Development of better feeds and increased knowledge of operations, hygiene and nutritional needs have resulted in the proportion of fish that suffer health problems being substantially reduced. However, diseases continue to be one of the most important challenges for the industry.

BioMar has developed BRT – BioMar Retention Technology, an operational package of knowledge that we have implemented in our feed production. We use here different process parameters to give the fish full utilisation of the feed. This produces a robust physical quality that is also adapted to the fishes' digestive system for high nutrient intake.

BioMar has developed several ranges of feed that are aimed at strengthening the fishes' immune defences and general health. Among others, the use of krill has been shown to have several beneficial effects.

The work the improve fish health should focus on prevention. A general strengthening of the fishes' resistance makes then better equipped to resist changes that can threaten health. Increased fish health leads to reduced loss, better slaughter quality and improved finances for the fish farmer.