Nutrition and food safety

Feed selection and feed regime have the highest significance in relation to the feed conversion ratio (FCR). Choice and allocation of feed, with respect to the potential yields for the fish throughout the year, and with respect to geography, are active steps that need to be taken to increase fish production. FCR is of crucial significance to the feed cost (FCR x feed price) for fish farming. FCR is an indication of feed utilization and will, therefore, have a strong influence on emissions from fish farming. Higher feed quality provides better feed efficiency.

High nutritional value and balanced composition are the most important factors in feeding fish. Dynamic research is called for, involving continuous input of new knowledge and new raw materials for feed. It is a fundamental element of our quality assurance system that feed is safe and reliable, and can be documented back to the source of origin of its nutrients.
Food safety is essential to BioMar. We see it as one of our most important tasks to reach the highest possible level with regards to food safety. As such, we impose strict internal procedures for all processes at all our facilities and apply a level of control, which often exceeds official requirements. We fully assess our product ranges on a global level. In 2015, we found no major health and safety impacts, nor identified any non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes.