Care for the life below water

Marine fish stocks are in danger. We need to take better care of our oceans to preserve the world's marine fish stocks and create sustainable development. BioMar strives to deliver upon UN's Sustainable Development Goal 14  to help overcome the problems facing our oceans, such as overfishing, biodiversity and worsening coastal eutrophication. 

Over the last three decades, the amount of biologically unsustainable fishing has increased threefold. This is a major threat to the global share of marine fish stocks and our oceans.




Sustainable aquafeeds 

In order to overcome the problems facing the marine ecosystem as a whole, it is crusial to enhance the conservation and sustainable use of oceans and their resources. In the aquaculture industry, this requires sustainable aquafeeds. BioMar is able to produce fish feeds that:

  1. Cover the nutritional needs of fish with reduced dependency on scarce marine resources.

  2. Enable farmers to produce more fish than fish used in aquafeeds (FIFO<1*) which makes aquaculture more sustainable than ever. 

Consequently, fish farmers who use BioMar feeds can mitigate the effects of overfishing and care for the life below water. 

What is FIFO?

*FIFO (Fish In - Fish Out) is a ratio that determines the performance of aquaculture in relation to the marine fish that are utilised in feed and farmed fish.


Care for the life below water

BioMar strives to deliver upon a selected number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Read more: