Farmed fish for the future

The world population is increasing at a rapid rate, and so is the demand for sustainable sources of protein. This trend puts tremendous stress on the balance between supply and demand, and according to FAO, the world lacks 28,3 m tons of seafood. 

A sustainable increase in supply 

With capture fishery production being almost static since the late 1980's, aquaculture has been responsible for the much-needed growth in the supply of fish for human consumption. In the future, the aquaculture industry will have to increase the supply of sustainable seafood even further to partly meet the demand for sources of protein. 





The world lacks sustainable seafood

The world needs sustainble, farmed fish to meet the demand for sustainable sources of protein. According to estimates from the World Bank, 62 % of the 2030's fish for human consumption will come from aquaculture*. This has the potential to reduce the pressure on global capture fisheries. 

BioMar accepts the challenge to innovate aquaculture even further to meet the demand for farmed fish. 

Farmed fish can partly meet the demand for sustainable sources of protein

BioMar strives to deliver upon a selected number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Read more:

*Source: World Bank. 2013. Fish to 2030 : prospects for fisheries and aquaculture (English). Agriculture and environmental services discussion paper ; no. 3. Washington DC ; World Bank Group.