Less is more

Fish farmers can obtain better results by using less feed. BioMar’s Performance Concept optimises feed performance, which enables farmers to use less feed without compromising on the nutritional needs of the fish and farming objectives. This is not only good for fish farmers and the aquaculture industry, it is also good for the environment.

Fish feed contains Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P), which are essential ingredients for fish to grow. Yet, excessive amounts of N&P contribute to poor water quality. And since water quality influences the fish farmers' results - the less feed used to produce fish, the better. 

Performance concept - optimised fish feed 


Feed conversion rate 

Feed conversion rate (FCR) is a commonly used performance indicator in fish farming and other types of animal husbandry that measures the ratio of inputs to outputs. 




Image: FCR calculation - This is how you calculate FCR


While the optimal FCR depends on innumerable factors - such as water quality, temperature and pond management - most fish farmers want to minimise FCR without compromising on the nutritional needs of the fish and their farming objectives. Everything else being equal, innovative fish feeds help fish farmers reduce FCR.

Today’s technology and knowledge enables BioMar to craft high performing fish feeds that minimise FCR. By having a low FCR, fish farmers can produce fish with minimal impact on the environment and obtain better results by using less feed. 

 A low FCR results in the following:

  • Lower nitrogen and phosphorus outlet
  • Better water quality 
  • Less impact on the environment 


BioMar strives to deliver upon a selected number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Read more: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/