Arctic charr

Salvelinus alpinus


Targeted Solutions

Trout Targeted solutions (item 1, L pic.) Functional feeds

Functional Feeds

Fish health is about animal welfare, preserving the fish farmer’s finances and the healthy reputation that farmed fish deserve and on which the industry relies. BioMar’s fish health research is a closely coordinated global activity with a high degree of synergy. Research on one species is very often relevant for another. This is especially applicable in terms of health, where functional feeds tend to have a broader spectrum of use with respect to species than standard grower feeds do. BioMar is aiming to offer fish farmers around the world a complete range of functional feeds, effective against the most serious production disorders, and covering the entire production cycle for a large number of farmed species. The way to go is often to combine feeds that help support the immune-system of fish with feeds contributing to rapid recovery. We make research and documentation for all the markets in which we are represented.

Trout Targeted solutions (item 2, R pic.) ORBIT - Recirc.

ORBIT - special feed for recirculation systems

BioMar’s ORBIT provides the optimal feed performance combined with optimal biofilter performance. Careful selection of raw materials for balance of highly digestible amino acids reduces the amount of waste and ammonia output. The reduction in waste allows for increased biomass production resulting in an improved return on investment.

BioMar Retention Technology

P&S: Retention Technology (item, L pic.)

The performance potential of the feed depends heavily on process knowledge.

Feed for aquaculture is a concentrated package of nutrients and energy designed to provide rapid, healthy and cost-effective growth, and prime quality end products.

Through the BioMar Retention Technology (BRT) project we have learned that process conditions in the feed production itself have a very strong impact on the feed's structure and physical properties.

BRT focuses specifically on nutrition related to process technology. The knowledge package BRT will ensure taking the maximum performance potential out of any feed formula.



BioFarm - adding value to your business

Exploiting the growth potential of the farmed species used to be a bottleneck for profitable aquaculture activity. Today, our feeds are optimised to potentially deliver a feed performance that fully can exploit this potential. 

BioMar’s technical support systems and our BioFarm team provide guidance for appropriate nutrition and feeding strategies. BioFarm assists in regard to general health issues, disease prevention and recovery strategies and pays special attention to the challenges in production of larvae, fry, fingerlings, and smolt. BioFarm team members are specialised in farming technology, recirculation systems, water quality, and energy efficiency as well as sustainability, eco-efficiency analysis, life cycle analysis, and environmental impact assessment.


Logistics - Delivering the right feed to the right place on time

We always strive to live up to our reputation for delivering efficient logistics services and to deliver the right feed to the right place on time.

While doing so, we focus on minimising our environmental footprint. The world's first cargo ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been operated by BioMar since 2012 is only one example showing our ambition on reducing our environmental impact.