ISO 22000 on BioMar SAS

BioMar SAS' voluntary engagement efforts to ensure food safety was emphasised with the introduction in 1999 of the HACCP method, which allows us to evaluate and manage risks linked to food safety (e.g. microbiological risks, risk of undesirable substances, and risk of foreign objects). Later, in order to respond to consumer demands, we decided to certify our HACCP according to ISO9001. For this reason we chose in the first place in 2003 a certifiable standard, the DS3027, and thereafter the ISO22000 immediately from its international publication in 2005.

The ISO22000 demands the mobilisation of our entire organisation around the food safety theme, and it constitutes a solid foundation for responding to the demands from customers and authorities. This is regularly verified through comprehensive audits of our facilities and processes.

The ISO22000 is the only truly international standard, recognised globally and harmonising the practice around the management of food safety. It takes its foundation in the HACCP principles and couples them with a management obligation and an objective of continued improvements in order to:

  • Respond to the demands in the European regulation regards to animal feed and hygiene.
  • Guarantee towards our customers and distributors the safety of our feed products (examples can be the absence of dioxins, heavy metals, melamin, GMO, and salmonella).
  • Deliver safe food products to the consumer.

Certified ISO22000 since 2007, BioMar is one of the first companies to guaranty management of food safety issues according to an internally recognised standard. We continuously work on improving our food safety standard, and the renovation of our certification every year is the best proof of the result of this effort.