BioMar expands its grower feed range for trout farmers in France

June 10 2017

BioMar France introduces two new feed types in its trout grower feed range: EFICO YS 892F and EFICO YS 888F. With the newly added diets, BioMar is now able to offer even more targeted feed solutions to trout farming in France.

-We have farmers of different production types and intensities and now we will be able to give them the opportunity to choose the feed type that best fits their needs - says Claude Morvan, Sales Manager of BioMar France.

BioMar France has traditionally offered its high energy grower feed EFICO YS 891F to provide fast growth and low feed conversion rates to trout farming customers. However, there has been an increasing demand for an expanded feed range that includes more cost effective options.

-We are now offering EFICO YS 892F, with the same high digestible energy levels as EFICO 891F, as an economical alternative. At the same time, we will also offer EFICO YS 888F, which is medium-high digestible energy feed. Both feeds will be available in all grower sizes 3 - 4,5 - 6,5 - 9mm.

The new products are designed according to BioMar's Performance Concept. Performance Concept is based on keeping feed performance consistent by basing the recipes on optimum digestible energy and digestible protein ratio rather than crude protein and energy. –It is vital that the feed provides enough digestible protein for a given energy level, so the fish can reach its growth potential- says Michel Autin, Technical Director, EMEA Division. -However, excess protein, which is not utilized for growth, is used as energy and results in increased nitrogenous waste. More importantly, protein is a very expensive energy source.

Due to BioMar's R&D Department's extensive knowledge of digestibility and micronutrient content of raw materials and the nutritional requirements of our fish, BioMar has for many years been able to apply Performance Concept in feed recipe optimization. -In the last few years at BioMar's Feed Trial Unit in Hirtshals, Denmark, we have performed many controlled tests on digestible protein to digestible energy ratios. These tests have been repeated in the commercial setting and benchmark tests validate the consistency in performance on feeds based on these refined digestible protein to digestible energy ratios, Autín continues.

Both of the new trout products, EFICO YS 892F and EFICO YS 888F, will use these refined digestible protein to digestible energy ratios to provide farmers with the best total economic performance. As this example of the expanded feed range for trout farming in France demonstrates, BioMar continues to be locally agile and provide market-specific solutions.