Successful test run in Turkey

The BioMar-Sagun fish feed factory in Turkey has successfully run its first test production of BioMar feed and looks forward to running full scale for the supply of high performing fish feed to the Turkish market.

Construction of the BioMar-Sagun factory based in Söke is close to being finalised. On Thursday 9th of June the new BioMar-Sagun fish feed factory has successfully run its first test of a full production cycle.

- We look very much forward to supplying our customers with efficient feed produced on this state of the art factory, says Bora Aydemir, General Manager of BioMar-Sagun. - We expect start-up tests of the Söke factory to run until mid-July and will then then supply locally produced grower feeds for trout, sea bass and sea bream to our customers while the more specialised feed types in the BioMar-Sagun product portfolio, like hatchery diets and fry feeds, are being produced on other BioMar factories.

Strong focus on securing stable, high quality

According to Bora Aydemir the first BioMar-Sagun test production was quite modest, volume wise, compared to full scale production. He is very satisfied to see that the test production was successful but underlines that the company still has a strong focus on securing that all production and feed quality parameters are stable when scaling up volumes and when producing a diversity of feed types.

- It matters a lot to us to secure that this factory is a very strong platform for the delivery of the well know BioMar feed concepts that allow our customers to obtain better and more stable production results, Bora Aydemir says.

Local agility and global mind-set

The BioMar-Sagun factory combines local agility and a global mind-set: closeness to Turkish fish farmers secures agility to react on the special requirements of the market, while benefitting of the know-how of BioMar within areas like fish feed development, sourcing, and feed manufacturing.

- Our scope as a local feed provider is perfectly in line with BioMar's global targets for delivering innovative, specialised high performance fish feed solutions with a sustainable profile, and an outstanding technical customer service. BioMar is the leading supplier of high performance feed to sea bass, sea bream, and trout in Europe, and this will largely benefit the Turkish fish farming sector.

- From our plant in Söke we will mainly serve Turkey, the second largest aquaculture market in Europe, but we will also start export sales to some of the neighbouring countries.

- We expect start-up tests of the Söke factory to run until mid-July and look very much forward to then supplying locally produced grower feeds for trout, sea bass and sea bream to our customers.

Test run at BioMar-Sagun in Turkey
BioMar-Sagun employees and factory construction project members from BioMar in Denmark proudly present the first bag of feed produced at the BioMar-Sagun factory.