Cleaning the air

Eliminating smell from the production is a major concern where BioMar factories are located close to urban areas.

In order to reduce the odor from the production at BioMar's Danish factory, and to live up to the requirements of the future, BioMar Denmark has in 2015 installed a large biofilter.

The biofilter, with its 1,700 square metres, is connected to a special ventilation system that is led to the bottom of the biofilter. The air which is going to the biofilter is entering through nine channels, cleaned by the filter and led back to the chimney.

The type of biomass used in the biofilter is a combination of hydro grains and organic material such as for instance bark; on the bark live bacteria that feed on the odoriferous substances.

As consequence, the air which is led out to the area around the factory is cleaner and the odor concentration from the production is less pronounced. The aim of the biofilter is to reduce the odor concentration to less than 5 LE/m3 around the factory.

BioMar's factory in Brande