Reducing emissions during feed transport

Transport by ship is the only solution when just below half a million tonnes of feed have to be delivered to fish farms along Norway's Atlantic coast. In order to ensure safe delivery of feed to the Norwegian customers located at a stretch of 2,000 kilometres, BioMar Norway counts the world's most innovative and greenest feed cargo ship amongst its fleet; MS Høydal, which was delivered to BioMar in 2012.

MS Høydal is the world's first cargo ship powered by liquefied gas (LNG). MS Høydal's gas-powered engines reduce emissions of the green-house gases nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 90% and 25%, respectively. Moreover, using LNG also eliminates the risk of bunker oil pollution associated with accidents.

Using MS Høydal for transportation of feed is an improvement initiative in accordance to the compliance with the ProSustain sustainability standard from DNV Det Norske Veritas. BioMar has agreed to pay constant attention to the environmental impact of action taken by the company and to take the necessary measures to bring about necessary improvements.

MS Høydal