Broodstock feed

African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

High quality eggs and fry

BioMar's broodstock feed is specially formulated to provide key nutrients that will be transferred from the mother's diet to the egg reserves stored in the yolk. EFICO Genio feed supports production of nutrient-rich eggs which hatch into high performing fry.

Broodstock feed

EFICO Genio 838F

Specially designed for high quality eggs and fry

  • Includes high digestible protein levels and high levels of micro-nutrients, promoting high hatching success and increased specific growth rate of fry
  • Contributes to high egg and yolk quality to provide larvae with all the essential nutrients needed for a successful development and growth due to increased levels of vitamins
  • Promotes good condition and survival of broodstock after spawning by formulating with immunomodulating ingredients and Bactocell®
  • Available in pellet size 9.0 mm
EFICO Genio 838F
Pellet size (mm) 9
DE (MJ/kg) 16.5
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